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 Will the real WiBit.Net please stand up?

Wed Feb 8, 2012 1735 views

Will the real WiBit.Net please stand up?

So….this is awkward. I like to troll Twitter.  I enjoy the massive conversation and all that.

Usually when you recieve a response from @wibit_usa, its me responding.  So I did a search for “wibit” the other day to see what was the good word.  What I found was interesting.  A number of sites have posted our old C# course on their site, not via YouTube, and behind a subscription wall.  I don’t want to mention the sites or link to them in this post, but there were quite a few of them.

They all reeked of spam.  So now it appears our material is being used on spam sites for content.  That sucks!  Not cool!  

So that leads to the question of ethics: do we ask them to take the content down because we don’t trust their site, or do we let it stand?  Even if we did ask them to take the old videos down, would they listen?  We freely give away the old videos via download or YouTube, so is this just something we should’ve expected and just let it go?

In the end we’ve decided to just let them go.  We do freely give away the old videos, and the new ones are free to view via the site anyway.  We just hope that everyone out there knows that our site is the best place to go to get those downloads, and this blog serves as warning that those other sites are not run or affiliated with us in any way so we don’t know what’s on them.  If you want our videos, please take them from us:

torrent (grab this if you only want a few videos from one course or another or if you’re just looking for what is missing from YouTube)

C# Beginner Crash Course Release 1

C# Beginner Crash Course Release 2

C++ Beginner Crash Course

Fun with Photoshop

HTML Beginner Crash Course

How to Set Up a LAMP (No Audio)

How to Recover WindowsXP Passwords

How to Run Mac OS X in Windows with PearPC

Java Beginner Crash Course

Javascript Beginner Crash Course

Learning Basic UNIX Commands

Linux GUI C++ Calculator Project

Password Recovery with John The Ripper (No Audio)

TCL Beginner Crash Course

Visual Basic Beginner Crash Course

Windows Keystroke Logger

Windows Linux Dual Boot

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