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Cloverleaf Java TPS: Part 1

kevin Thursday December 4th, 2014 06:59 609 1 Like YouTube
A lot of Cloverleaf developers are really into Xlates and Tcl (which they like to call Tickle). However, there are a lot of things that those two just cannot do, or they can do them but it is WAY more complicated! Sometimes you need something with more muscle! The good news for Cloverleaf developers is that you can use Java classes for your TPS and TrxId procedures. The problems is, not very many people know how to do this (at least from my experience). It is not documented very well, and even in advanced Cloverleaf training they do not spend much (if any) time talking about this. I really love using Java in Cloverleaf for 2 reasons: (1) It is more powerful than Tcl and (2) It is easier to find a developer "off the street" with a Java background if you need to fill a position quickly. In this WiBisode I will show you how to create a simple Java TPS and run it in the testing tool in the Cloverleaf IDE. Get ready for a good time!


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