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Mirth Connect Admin SSL Certificate Fix

kevin Friday May 29th, 2015 09:45 1,554 1 Like YouTube
Mirth Connect is a pretty awesome Integration Engine. It satisfies most of the needs for software integration plus a lot more! It is easy to use, easy to train new people on, and very powerful.

One thing that does get on the nerves of some (such as I) is the usage of self-signed certificates for HTTPS. Now, I am not blaming Mirth! What else are they to do? The only thing I wish was that it was more obvious how to integrate the administration port with existing server architecture, such as using a CA issued SSL certificate. It really is not a HUGE deal to see certificate warnings when accessing the admin web page, however, it looks bad! It makes you look cheap and lazy!

Well, WiBit.Net to the rescue! In this WiBisode I will show you how to export your existing SSL Certificate from a Windows Server and import it into Mirth Connect's key store.


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