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WiBit.Net Podcast - Episode 12

kevin Thursday October 27th, 2011 29:41 61 0 Likes
In this weeks episode, we are going to talk about some WiBit updates. What new apps are available on the App Store and which apps will be there very soon? You will never guess what we are going to append to the end of the Programming in Java course. Let's also talk about Stack Overflow and the influence it has had on educating the technology community. And how about Linux? Which one of your favorite WiBit.Neters has resurged as a Linux FanBoy? We're also gonna talk about PHP. Some programmers love it, some programmer hate it. Let's have a discussion about the goods, the bads, and the awesomes of PHP. What what's the deal with Richard Stallman? Let's talk about some of the comments he's made recently about the passing of Steve Jobs.

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