Programming in C# Preview

Welcome to the NEW WiBit.Net! We pride ourselves on our bottom up approach to learning software development. We have been servicing aspiring software developers since 2005 and we have no plans to stop any time soon! There are many resources online that offer great material for learning how to code. We set ourselves apart by taking it one step further.

Our creed is simple: "If you want to develop something that's been done before then use someone else's code. If you want to create something that has never been done before then write it yourself."

When learning how to code there are often steps that get skipped and concepts that are foreign or misunderstood. For example, in C++ why do you sometimes access a class instance method like this INSTANCE.METHOD() and sometimes like this
INSTANCE->METHOD()? Developers that skip steps will never know.

WiBit.Net teaches you how to code using a casual approach that focuses on bottom up learning. We believe that this method will prepare people to become career software engineers instead of "copy and paste" programmers (the kind that can only write something if someone else has offered the full source code for them). We want WiBit.Net students to walk into the professional world of development and be able to effectively and quickly create solutions for today's complex digital world. And, to be honest, we want you to succeed to the highest level possible! The World needs more talented software developers, and WiBit.Net wants to help make that happen!

Our content is not dry, boring, or full of nonsense (well, that's debatable). We develop our material to "cut to the core" of a topic and we attempt to use our *sparkling personalities* to keep it casual and fun! Over the years we have received overwhelming praise for this approach, since many people believe that it keeps them more engaged and it makes paying attention easier.

When you follow a WiBit.Net course it is important to understand that each course builds on its predecessor. If you want to learn C++, we encourage you to learn C first because much of the material is relevant. If you want to learn C, then maybe it would benefit you to check out Introduction to Computer Programming to cover the basics of programming first. This also allows us to create content that is not reiterating concepts that you "should" know already.

We hope you enjoy our FREE content, and wish you the best of luck in your journey to becoming the greatest software engineer in the entire galaxy!



Programming in C# :: Console MP3 Player
What would be the most awesome way to close out this C# course? I KNOW!!!! How about building an MP3 player!!! YIPPIE! Well, if that was your response then your dreams are about to be fulfilled.

The finally for the C# course will be learning how we can write our own MP3 player by making use of the Windows Media Player API. We will create a class called MP3 that will encapsulate an MP3 file and give external code the ability to play, pause, skip, stop, yada, yada, yada.

This lab will be a Console based project, so pretend it is 1991 and you'll be amazed!!
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