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Gaming Therapy

This free YouTube Series was inspired by my need to find a way to relieve stress.

The goal with this series is to have a little fun, drink some beer, and play some retro games as a therapeutic experience to enrich my life and hopefully yours! Main goal: have a little fun!


Gaming Therapy - Episode 10: Unreal (PC)

Gaming Therapy - Episode 10: Unreal (PC)

Gaming Therapy - Episode 10: Unreal (PC)

In this installment of Gaming Therapy I will install and play the classic PC game, Unreal. Not on a modern PC, not on an emulator, but on actual retro hardware! A Gateway Essential 450 with 350 MB RAM running at 450 MHz with a 3DFX VOODOO 3 2000 AGP video card.

This is one of the most memorable games from the late 1990's. It pushed the boundaries of what people thought a computer could do!

If you decide to experience this game in physical form (and not from Steam) and you need the official patches to update it, here are the links:

After updating the game with the "official patches" from Epic Games, if you want to play the game on modern hardware (to take advantage of things such as wide screen support, play the game online, etc) you will need to install the unofficial OldUnreal patch:

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