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Gaming Therapy

This free YouTube Series was inspired by my need to find a way to relieve stress.

The goal with this series is to have a little fun, drink some beer, and play some retro games as a therapeutic experience to enrich my life and hopefully yours! Main goal: have a little fun!


Gaming Therapy - Episode 13: VR Baseball (PC)

Gaming Therapy - Episode 13: VR Baseball (PC)

Gaming Therapy - Episode 13: VR Baseball (PC)

In this episode of Gaming Therapy, we will open a SEALED copy of the first edition of VR Baseball. I've had this in my big box collection for a while, but haven't opened it until now.

Most of the show is the unboxing, and the challenge getting the game up and running. One thing that sucked was that after I opened a sealed game, OBS didn't capture the sound of the gameplay!!! Oh, man that sucked. Since I had gone through the effort of opening the game, I did a reshoot. Sadly, only a few people will actually watch this and appreciate all the pain I went through. But it's OK!! It made me feel better.

One thing that is super cool is that there is a game trailer during the installer for a Star Trek game that was heavily promoted, but never released. Pretty awesome!

The Bitchute edition contains exclusive content, including uncensored language, additional content, and outtakes.


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