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Restoration Therapy

This free YouTube Series was inspired by my need to find a way to relieve stress while reducing screen time (ideally). I wanted to work with my hands (and not just on a keyboard) by, in most cases, restoring / upgrading / modifying hardware of any kind that interests me.

The goal with this series is to have a little fun, drink some beer, and work on some hardware all while treating the event as a therapeutic experience to enrich my life and hopefully yours! Main goal: have a little fun!


Nintendo Wii - Homebrew Channel & Wiimmfi (Get Back Online)

Nintendo Wii - Homebrew Channel & Wiimmfi (Get Back Online)

Nintendo Wii - Homebrew Channel & Wiimmfi (Get Back Online)

Don't throw away your Nintendo Wii just yet! It still has life left in it!

I still have my Wii, but I also see them littering thrift stores for pretty cheap all the time as parents clean out their kid's rooms when they leave for college or whatever. Sometimes I will see 3, 4, or 5 for sale at a time.

I found a Nintendo Wii at a thrift store with hookups and a Wiimote for $10, but with my Loyalty Card the price was $5. How could I say no!!! Even though there was a policy of "no returns for electronics" I figured that for the price of a cup of coffee and a bagel I could have something to tinker with for a few days and maybe get some use out of.

To my amazement it worked perfectly as soon as I brought it home! My first thought was to to softmod it with the Homebrew Channel so I could install third party software (not blessed by the hand of Nintendo) and the Wiimmfi Patcher so I could play games online where service has been discontinued. Mainly so I could get my ass kicked by middle school kids in Mario Kart Wii, which more often than not is what happens.

Even though this is not cutting-edge stuff, I decided to record myself doing the softmod because it was just fun to do, and I sincerely hope you enjoy watching it.

I did this softmod using an SD card, because I like the idea of being able to store a lot of Homebrew software on the Wii, and YES I am aware that there are simpler ways of using the Wiimmfi Patcher without the Homebrew Channel. This is just my personal choice and I like it better. If you play emulated games on your Wii I think you'll find this method to be better as well.

In this video we will:
* Remove parental controls that were on the Wii when I first got it
* Format the Wii to original factory condition
* Update the System Software
* Install the LetterBomb exploit onto an SD Card
* Execute the LetterBomb exploit on the Wii via the Message Board
* Install the Homebrew Channel
* Install an NES Emulator for the Homebrew Channel on the SD Card (FCE Ultra GX)
* Install the Wiimmfi Patcher for the Homebrew Channel on the SD Card
* Register Wii console with Wiimmfi using Mario Kart Wii
* After waiting period, play Mario Kart Wii online!

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Thursday July 12th, 2018