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 How Popular is C?

Sat Aug 11, 2012 3167 views

How Popular is C?

Recently there have been a few discussions around the WiBit.Net Community about the relevance of C.

People are asking “Is C still relevant in 2012?” What does the development community have to say about this? Well, After all these years, programmers still respect the C! ALL HAIL C!

The much respected TIOBE Programming Community releases a monthy update on the popularity of programming languages. For a while now, Java has been the KING. As of this month C is the #1 ranked programming language. Ya! Can you believe it? This ranking was released in August 2012. Wait a second… IT’S AUGUEST 2012 RIGHT NOW!!! So, yes, C is still rocking after all this time. This ranking even shows that it rose in popularity about 1.5% compared to last year. WHAT??? C’s POPULATITY IS STILL GROWING??? HA HA! Wow, that is so amazing to me. I love C dearly and I cannot be happier to read this news.

A few other interesting nuggets from this same source

C has over taken Java as the most popular language

Visual Basic, C#, Python, Perl, TSQL all rank in the top 20 but have not grown in the last year

Headline of the month: Where is C# Heading?

Java, although holding the #2 spot, has lost popularity (3%) since last year

COBOL (not COBAL, ha ha ha… inside joke to us WiBBiters) still ranks in the top 30

Objective-C (#3 spot) grew 4% since last year

Object Oriented Programming is still the most popular programming methodology (growing by almost 2%)

Long term trends suggest

C usage is on the rise

C++ is on a steady decline

Java is taking a dive

Objective-C is skyrocketing

PHP is losing ground very quickly

Visual Basic is more popular than Python (yuck)

Check out the data for yourself:

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