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 Legacy videos for download!

Tue Jun 21, 2011 3618 views

Legacy videos for download!

It has come to my attention lately that a few of our old videos from back in the day were rejected by YouTube due to length

Unfortunately we don’t have any pressing concern with editing and fixing those old videos, we’re looking towards making all new ones at the moment.  I think some people want all the old stuff and we think everyone has a right to them so have at'em:

torrent (grab this if you only want a few videos from one course or another or if you’re just looking for what is missing from YouTube)

C# Beginner Crash Course Release 1

C# Beginner Crash Course Release 2

C++ Beginner Crash Course

Fun with Photoshop

HTML Beginner Crash Course

How to Set Up a LAMP (No Audio)

How to Recover WindowsXP Passwords

Java Beginner Crash Course

Javascript Beginner Crash Course

Learning Basic UNIX Commands

Linux GUI C++ Calculator Project

Password Recovery with John The Ripper (No Audio)

TCL Beginner Crash Course

Visual Basic Beginner Crash Course

Windows Keystroke Logger

Windows Linux Dual Boot

And there they are!  Download them, enjoy them!  Of course we’re working on all new courses including Objective-C and Java coming soon!  I think we’re off to a great start with WiBit 2.0 and the best is still to come.  We’re going to change how people learn computer programming one goofy step at a time!  Enjoy!


OK if you really wanted Visual Basic Beginner Crash Course you can find it here.

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