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 To C or Not to C? That is the Question...

Fri Sep 9, 2011 2077 views

To C or Not to C? That is the Question...

When Bryan, Jason, and I began talks about relaunching WiBit.Net we had to decide what approach to take.

The three of us come from such different development backgrounds. After some deliberation, we all started to see it the same way.

We arrived at our approach after talking about our formal training and what we felt it lacked. I came from BASIC roots and got into C++ a bit later on (never looked back). I learned JavaScript before C++ because at the time I was doing a lot of web development and I had no need for C++. When I got into college, and began my Computer Science degree, I was exposed to C++… and I fell in love. However, at one point I began to get confused. Maybe it was my professors, maybe I was too hung over from the night before (whatever it may have been), for some reason Object Oriented Programming was not sticking. It took me a few months before I began to unravel this concept. Years later I began to realize why this was.

As a newbie in C++ I was unaware that I was working with objects constantly (cout, string, etc…). This was never properly explained to me during college. I then started to think that since C++ and most of ‘next generation’ languages are based on C syntax, why not learn C? I went to the book store and bought myself Sams Teach Yourself C in 21 Days. After reading this book, I put myself through an intense 6 months of learning everything possible about C that I could. Some of the notes I wrote at that time actually ended up as lessons in our Programming in C course! As I look back, I can spot this as the moment that I began my migration from a “copy and paste coder” to an independent thinking software developer. Once I mastered C I began to see that everything else was wide open to me.

After fondly recounting this experience to Bryan and Jason they agreed that this was the way to go. When we started designing the new WiBit.Net content we decided to base everything on C and work from there. Why not? It’s all relatable! Once you learn C we never again need to talk about loops, pointers, switch & if statements, etc. All we need to discuss from that point on are the differences between the languages.

I believe that once you have a strong C understanding it is easier to grasp the Object Oriented Concept. This gives you a great starting point in achieving success in C++, Java, and C# (along with a plethora of other languages). I mean, come on… If you don’t know what programming is, how is it remotely possible to completely grasp OOP?

We hope that you guys appreciate what we have put together on this site. It is important to us that you enjoy what you are viewing and that you learn as much as possible. Our philosophy is to help develop serious software developers by exposing them to the roots of programming. We want to help create a world where programmers are skillful, confident, and can handle any development challenge thrown their way. We want you to succeed with your software development goals. WiBit.Net is nothing more than a couple of developers that want to teach other developers what they wish they knew when they started out.

Thanks for your support!

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