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 Visual Basic: It's called BASIC for a reason

Sat Feb 19, 2011 1803 views

Visual Basic: It's called BASIC for a reason

Over our years as software developers we have grown a distaste for the language Visual Basic.

What makes it worse is that our experience shows that the typical VB programmer is an emotionally fragile person with many insecurities. We have compiled a small list showcasing common defenses used against us during discussions about VB Verses C Lineage languages. Enjoy!

VB is harder to outsource than C#

Right… Because only good ‘ol AMERICANS are capable of learning VB.. ha ha ha. If this is actually true, then it’s probably because outsourcing companies know better and don’t want to support it!

Curley braces are confusing and unnecessary

This is a style thing. I can understand this, but what is your defense for END statements?

More companies use VB as their preferred language

I haven’t seen this in my career. Also, I believe that most Computer Science curriculums in college are based on C languages (Java, C#, etc…) There are 1,000 languages similar to C and BASIC is pretty much on its own with a niche audience. If you’re a CIO, what would you choose?

VB programmers are more professional, and C programmers just think they’re fancy…

What the &*#& does this even mean? I have actually been told this before…

C programmers hate VB because they’re not smart enough to learn it

The first computer program I ever wrote was in BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)… and I was 8. And if VB programmers are smarter why do they struggle in Java and C#?

Well, the CLR for VB and C# are the same anyway, so what’s the difference?

This is typically what their response is after they’ve been beat down and have nothing else to say. If this is really how you feel, then code in binary because that is what every single language eventually becomes.

Visual Basic is the language of the web

Not since 2001. You may be confused with Microsoft Word macros

More source code samples are in VB

??? Again… ???

Now for some humorous observations (By Bryan):

In a time before the Prius test driver and even before the vente skinny caramel machiato, there was the VB developer.

A VB programmer is easy to find and hire.. But not one that knows the while loop.

Looser casting is better.. What the !?&@$ does dim mean anyway?

It’s designed by Microsoft.. as was C#.

Its an easy jump to vbscript.. Then go work on scripting a PowerPoint backend and enjoy your vitamin water.

Microsoft likes a language that steepens the learning curve required to get off the train. So we say let’s throw momma from the train!

Remember, BASIC is short for Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

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