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 Watch out complacent American worker!

Sat Dec 24, 2011 1669 views

Watch out complacent American worker!

Watch out complacent American worker! You’ve got a bullseye on your back.

There are tons of foreigners that are eyeballing your job and they will work harder, longer and for less money.

All Americans seem to get upset at the idea of foreigners taking American jobs. No proud American should be happy about jobs going overseas. However, think about the cost of employing an American… We are, comparatively speaking, very expensive to employ. As a whole we are noticing that our world economy is more complex and companies are doing their best to do much more with less people, increasing the expectations of all employees and leaving incompetent workers stagnant. With heavy reliance on technology to maintain economic growth, it is very clear that job security will soon be dependent on how smart you actually are and how willing you are to keep learning. Engineering is becoming more important than ever and the statistics suggest that Americans are not qualified to handle the job. In my opinion, the average worker needs to be much smarter to compete in the modern workforce. With numerous metrics showing that the average American intelligence has been decreasing for years, it is reasonable to speculate that more and more foreigners will participate in the “American Dream” while at the same time natural born Americans will miss out.

The standard of living and poverty conditions in several places of the world are inconceivable to many Americans. I still can’t believe what I saw in New Delhi. It’s not like Americans aren’t aware of this, it’s just not in our faces so often. Americans are very competitive, however the competition for resources in India are not even comparable. Over here (in India) you have to work so much harder to achieve economic status. The standard of living for the working class in India would be considered poor by American standards. This breeds an environment of determination. There is a huge incentive to work hard and go abroad. Many people see the United States as the place to go.

Since I’ve been in India I have met so many amazing people. There are a few in my family here that are college age. I have had some great conversations with their college friends as well. The first thing that comes to mind when talking with them is how smart and driven they are. After playing a cricket match with my cousin (technically my wife’s cousin, but I’ve claimed him as my own) and some of his friends we sat and talked about stuff. We discussed what they are studying in college and what their plans are going forward. A few of them are studying Computer Science and the others are involved in various engineering programs. They all aspire to go to grad school in the US and hope to find work there too.

USA, I'm Coming Home...

It’s hard to believe that my trip to India has come to an end. I guess I was secretly hoping it would last forever.

Greetings from India!

Hey WiBBiters! As many of you guys know, I am spending the next few weeks in India.