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 Announcing a new course on WiBit.Net: Introduction to Scripting Languages!

Sun Aug 3, 2014 1965 views

Announcing a new course on WiBit.Net: Introduction to Scripting Languages!

The team here at WiBit has been hard at work over the past few months putting together a brand new course lineup to roll out. In case the title didn’t give it away, we’re going to cover scripting languages! Yay!

So what does that mean? That means Python, PHP, HTML, Javascript, and more! To start this off Kevin and Jason go over the general concepts of scripting languages and what sets them apart from the other languages we’ve covered in the C Lineage. Like many of our other introduction courses this one isn’t the longest, and there aren’t any labs, but it gives context to the subjects we’re going to cover later. Watching this course will give you a great overview of what you’ll learn when we jump into Python (which may be next…) or PHP or any of the other highly requested languages.

To coincide with this new course announcement we also wanted to announce a major change to the site itself. We’ve done a redesign using Bootstrap. Visiting WiBit will be a very pleasant experience for everyone whether you’re using a mobile device, laptop, desktop, TV, anything! The responsive design at the heart of Bootstrap has given WiBit a very clean look and we’re proud to show it to you.

So come check out what we’ve done with the place and take a gander at Introduction to Scripting!

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