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 Dockers? Not since the 90s!

Mon Jul 6, 2015 2462 views

Dockers? Not since the 90s!

No.. not those kind of dockers, “Docker” like the container deployment and virtual machine.

Yeah, what the heck is that?! Here’s my condensed “Get to the Point!” breakdown:

  • Instead of each software application needing a dedicated virtual machine, you can run “containers” that perch on top of shared virtual OS resources.
  • You download the base OS image just like a NuGet, package.json, or Maven dependency. (Defined in the “Dockerfile”)
  • The Dockerfile is basically the build script to setup a container image, for example 1. Get Ubuntu latest, 2. Download Jenkins jar, 3. On Run start jar file.
  • There is a whole website with ready made containers (MediaWiki, Confluence, Node, JBoss, Jenkins, you name it!) Just type “docker run jenkins” and it will automatically download all dependencies, make an image, and launch it.
  • You have full control of port exposures and port forwarding of all running containers.
  • It’s easy to backup and restore containers.

It’s all open source, runs in any environment, and you can use it to launch development environments, build environments, wiki documentation servers, continuous integration servers, source control services. And if you want to move any of those resources to another server, just export the image and import it in the other server just like a virtual machine (but much smaller). More information at

Happy Coding!!

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