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 Programming in Tcl: Coming June 1st

Thu May 21, 2015 1625 views

Programming in Tcl: Coming June 1st

WiBit.Net is excited to release our ‘Programming in Tcl’ course!

We have put together a comprehensive Tcl course that can be enjoyed by programmers of all skill sets. Perhaps you need to learn Tcl for your job, or to pass a certification course! Well, WiBit.Net can help you with that! Tcl is a language that we all know very well, and have used it a lot in our careers. It is a bit of an underrated language. It is wide spread, yet not well known. We want to spread the Tcl doctrine across the landscape and shed a light on this extremely useful and powerful programming language.

You may be asking yourself: “Why learn Tcl?”

A lot of programmers have not heard of Tcl, and they don’t even know what it is used for. Tcl doesn’t really show up in any listing of the most “sexy” programming languages. In fact, it doesn’t even crack the top 50 of languages on the TIOBE Programming Community Index (as of 2015), so why learn it?

There are four main reasons we chose to do a Tcl course.

It is extremely useful and easy to understand

A lot of Tcl packages exist that make doing complex things quite simple. The elegant nature of the language makes statements easy to read the code (of course this is subjective). It rivals the usefulness of Python when it comes to writing short scripts that can do a lot for maintenance or data processing. Unlike Python, the language design is more intuitive for a programmer that comes from the C Lineage of languages. I have personally seen many times in my career that Tcl is a language that is easy to teach to newbies. I have literally taught Tcl to people that have never programmed before and they became Tcl experts in no time!

There aren’t too many good Tcl courses out there

A quick google search will show that you can find a million billion courses online for C, C++, C#, and Java. They range from pretty terrible (like WiBit.Net) to pretty awesome. The same exercise with Tcl doesn’t really show much in the way of really good courses. I have seen a few, but not that many. We wanted to create a comprehensive Tcl course that could be used by new programmers, as well as programmers that are interested in expanding their skill set to a new language.

Hardcore programmers tend to like Tcl

We have noticed programmers that have been around the field for a while are familiar with Tcl. They may have needed to learn it for some project they worked on, or they are fanatical about it! Even if the job you apply for is not for a Tcl programmer, by simply listing it on your resume may result in the technical interviewer to be more impressed with your skill set. They may ask you “Oh, I see you know Tcl! What do you think about X-Y-Z?” After this course, you’ll be able to talk intelligently about Tcl and who knows, that may help you out someday.

Tcl is used in fairly lucrative industries

Not everyone will agree with us on this one, but we have noticed that Tcl programmers are compensated quite well! Why?? Well, since Tcl is not as popular and well known, it is more difficult to find programmers to develop or support Tcl code. We have been told by people in various fields, such as engineering, healthcare, and networking, that Tcl skills are in high demand and the candidates are just not that easy to find! There is a lot of legacy code that was written in Tcl that still needs maintenance. There are also some integration software that is embedded in engines and routers that need development! We are hoping that by giving you Tcl skills you can expand your opportunities in the software development field.

Our learning environment is the familiar combination of slides and labs. We decided to spread the love across Mac and Windows for our lab lessons. Why?? Well, we haven’t done Mac stuff in a while, so we figured “why not?”

It’s time to get excited about our Tcl course! We hope that you learn from it, and give others the benefit of the knowledge you learned. Spread the word to your Tickler or Tickler wannabe friends that WiBit.Net has what everyone needs to be the best Tickler they can be!

Here is a preview of the lesson listing:

  • Introduction 24:27
  • Variable Basics 25:37
  • Basic Syntax 11:11
  • Input & Output 15:33
  • Working With Numbers 10:16
  • Strings 16:03
  • Control Structures 16:32
  • Lists 21:33
  • Arrays 10:58
  • Keyed Lists 6:00
  • HL7 Lab 17:38
  • Regular Expressions 28:57
  • Working With Time 8:54
  • Working With Files 8:39
  • Procs 25:12
  • Namespaces 9:07
  • Students Lab 1:19:21
  • Packages 9:01
  • Sockets 5:46
  • TclLib 13:52
  • REST Web Service Lab ( 13:22
  • WiBit.Net SOAP Lab 23:37
  • TclOO 5:47
  • TCOM 4:11
  • TclBlend 4:50
  • Jacl Lab 10:15
  • Expect 4:20
  • Diffie-Hellman Lab 35:52
  • HL7 Lab With SQLite 38:15

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