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 Gaming Therapy: Preview

Fri Oct 19, 2018 1435 views

Gaming Therapy: Preview

Starting next week, I will begin posting some gaming style videos featuring me (Kevin) that I have had in my stash for quite a while. And I want to share them with you while I begin to work on new content.

As (I am hoping) many of you have noticed, I have posted a few videos on YouTube under the title series of “Restoration Therapy”. I never made any announcement about these videos, nor do I make any big deal about them. They are supplemental content on our YouTube channel (like the WiBisodes) that I make just for fun.

Admittedly, our YouTube views are low. They have dropped off A LOT over the years. Very few people follow WiBit.Net for what has been posted on YouTube over recent years. And to be fair, there has been very sparse and limited content there. If it wasn’t me doing it, then it wasn’t getting done. So, now that the business is mine I have been a little more active on YouTube and trying to use it more as a platform to have a little bit of fun (as you can see, none of the videos are monetized).

During the WiBit.Net hiatus, I started recording myself goofing off playing retro games and drinking, thinking about starting a new thing outside of WiBit. I worked on these videos and made 10 episodes between fall 2017 and early summer 2018. During that time I became the owner of WiBit.Net and sole content creator, so I thought it would be fun to start posting these 10 episodes on the YouTube channel for you all to enjoy, or possibly hate. I know that this format is done to death, and some of you may not like it (I certainly got better as I went along as I got over my camera shyness and got a little better at editing), however, I thought this would be a fun way for the WiBit.Net community to get to know me a bit outside the computer programming tutorials.

Sure, Bryan, Jason, and I goofed a lot in the tutorial videos and the old Podcasts, but in these I am on camera and having a bit of fun alone. If the community finds them entertaining, I will perhaps make more, and even make some where I have guests or groups or tournaments or something to make them even more fun. If not, I will make them at random just for my own enjoyment for supplemental content because I genuinely enjoy making them.

The basic format of the first 10 episodes of the show is a classic “Let’s Play” gaming video or unboxing featuring me, and each episode I feature an alcoholic beverage of some kind (except one, because it was WAY too early in the morning on a work day). The goal of the show is not to force a “game play” but to record a show when I am having a tough day and use this as an outlet to help reduce stress. Thus, the name of the series “Gaming Therapy”. It is literally meant to be therapy. Cheaper than a therapist, much more fun, and something I can share with you. I introduce the game I am playing and just have fun. There is drinking and swearing, but just like with the tutorials the swearing is BLEEPED out.

Before you panic: I am not turning WiBit.Net into a gaming website. I am just incorporating some of my hobbies (like restoring old hardware and retro gaming) into the website for my own amusement and hopefully to entertain you and perhaps bring others into our programming community that otherwise may not have heard of us.

If it doesn’t splash, I won’t be upset, but I’ll probably still make them because I have a sh*t load of fun making them.

In the recordings you may notice my appearance changing a lot, because many of them were recorded pretty far apart. If you see frustration in my demeanor, that is genuine! Not forced. For a non monetized series, I have no incentive to fake it. But every single one of these was a blast to record, and I am sure the drinking had a little something to do with that :-)

The first three episodes that will be posted to YouTube are:

Episode 1: Mortal Kombat (Sega Genesis)

This was my very first attempt at recording a “Let’s Play” style video. It will be very apparent how low my budget is right now for this format, but if people enjoy it I will invest some money into it. It features me in my living room playing the first game that had my parents nervous about their kids playing video games. Of course, we were always smart enough to put the blood code in only when they weren’t around!

Episode 2: Sega Saturn Unboxing

I take a stab at an unboxing style video where I showcase a Sega Saturn lot that I received. In this one I tried to experiment a little bit more with editing. It’s goofy, but pretty entertaining! Even my wife liked it, but she had her criticisms. Let’s see if you can guess what she had to say about it (I address her criticisms in a later episode).

Episode 3: Brutal Sports Football (Atari Jaguar)

This is the first episode where I start to refine the format a bit and make it a bit more consistent. This episode showcases one of the more underrated multiplayer games for retro consoles; unfortunately I am playing it alone! I was inspired to record this after a weekend where I had some friends and family over and we played this game for hours and everyone was going nuts over it.

I hope you give this series a try and watch all 10 as they come out and comment on them. Let me know if you like them. If so, I will make more, if I get low views and/or limited feedback I will just make them as I feel like it.

Thanks all!

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