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 Introducing... WiBit.Net WiBisodes

Fri Oct 31, 2014 2767 views

Introducing... WiBit.Net WiBisodes

Starting last week WiBit.Net began releasing WiBisodes! So, what exactly are they?

WiBit.Net has been producing some pretty awesome video tutorials for almost 10 years! We do not host any of the tutorials from the pre-2011 era on our site because most of it was not very linear and some of it (honestly) sucked. Since the re-launch in 2011 we have focused much more on linear learning, and in-depth original material. Because of this, it takes a while for us to produce a WiBit.Net course. From the moment we start writing the material to the time the course is published a lot of time has gone by. There are many reasons why. We all have full time jobs and families, it takes a long time to write original material for a computer programming course, editing always takes forever, fact checking, testing, quality control… THE LIST NEVER ENDS!

If only WiBit.Net made enough money for us to do this full-time :-), I digress.

WiBisodes are intended to be short and to-the-point videos about less in-depth software development topics. There is no historical context, or deep delivery of the content, but more of a superficial view of the topic at hand. Our inaugural WiBisode series is focusing on X.509 digital signatures. We don’t cover what certificates are, we don’t really talk about what digital signatures are used for, we just show you how to use them. That’s it!

We are hoping that using this format will allow us to create shorter videos more frequently so that you (the loyal WiBit.Net viewer) can have content on a more regular basis. This is more of a throwback to the old way WiBit.Net used to create content! We used to just make a video about something we were working on, or learning at school, and post it on the site. For those of you that do not remember those days, the WiBisodes are going to be as close as you’ll get to them :-)

We hope that the WiBisodes don’t go down the same road as the Podcast, which was honestly not very popular and the time investment was not really worth it. If we had more listeners, we would still be doing it, but only a handful of people a week checked us out.

If you like the WiBisodes, please watch them, and share them, and send us your requests for topics you’d like to see! If one of us is sitting around one evening and has nothing better to do, we can record something quick for ya and post it!

As always, thanks so much for supporting us and letting us share our passion with you!

.Net Core is Now Open Source

Microsoft swings for the fences and hits it out of the park! .Net is NOW open source!

WiBit.Net has, like, totally gone Metro!

It was a LONG time in the making, BUT FINALLY, WiBit.Net is proud to announce the release of a series of Windows Apps for your Windows 8.1 devices!