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 WiBit.Net has, like, totally gone Metro!

Fri Oct 17, 2014 1957 views

WiBit.Net has, like, totally gone Metro!

It was a LONG time in the making, BUT FINALLY, WiBit.Net is proud to announce the release of a series of Windows Apps for your Windows 8.1 devices!

We had several requests from dedicated WiBit Friends to release a new mobile app for the Windows platform. We decided to release two types of apps: (1) Online universal app and (2) offline course apps

The online universal app is simply another way of using the content provided on the website. You can login as yourself and access the content you would normally access on the site! This app is FREE and it requires an Internet connection.

Our course apps provide a similar purpose as our iOS apps do. You can download the entire course and view them offline! You DO NOT NEED A WIBIT.NET ACCOUNT to enjoy a course! Let’s say that you only want to buy 1, or 2, or 3 courses and you need them on the go! Well, these apps are for you! We have also added some additional functionality, such as providing in-app attachments. That’s right! You can save course attachments to your device without an Internet connection. If you have a WiBit.Net account and you want to track your course progress then you CAN login. If you are logged into the app, and you watch videos offline then the app will push your watched videos to your account the next time the app launches with an Internet connection.

Pretty cool right? I have always been fond of the Windows development experience. I try not to be a “homer” when it comes to picking the development platform, but I LOVE writing for Windows. The Windows Store app development platform really does provide a very rich environment conducive to developing some stellar applications. Everything you can possible need is “right there” and STUPID EASY to do! PLUS, you can use C#, which is ridiculous! I know that MonoDevelop lets you use C# for iOS development, but you are still hooked into the Apple Cocoa framework, which is a train wreck (at least in my humble opinion).

At a later date, I plan to write up a simple article about my experience writing these apps, and if we get requests, we will record a Windows Store crashcourse series. But, we need you guys to tell us you want it :-)

We hope you enjoy our most recent WiBit.Net offering! Support the site by downloading our apps and sharing with your friends!

For more information go here:


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