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Programming in C

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Although ancient, C is the Mother of programming languages. It is not common for software developers to have a background in C now-a-days, however, the languages that dominate the landscape today have their roots in the C Language (Java, C#, Objective-C, C++, Perl, the list goes on). By starting your programming knowledge with the C Language you instantly place yourself in the best position possible to more effectively translate your skills into other languages.

We will be taking you on a great adventure with Kevin and Bryan as we go from ground to ceiling through the C language. When you start, you will be equiped with only a text editor and walk out knowing how to build wicked fast dlls that can be consumed in other higher level languages.

This language is also considered to be our 'foundation' language as almost everything else we teach here will be based on the original concepts and approach to learning C. Now go get started!

20:10 4
Hey Buddy!
05:51 1
Basic Syntax
08:52 1
Output to the Console
15:41 2
26:07 5
Basic Math & Logical Operations
13:58 2
Control Structures
41:10 7
Getting to Know Your Compiler
14:48 4
41:45 6
Input From the Console
31:51 6
Console Color (Windows)
06:47 1
16:22 4
24:30 5
1:07:53 12
Variable Scope
04:13 1
22:26 5
File I/O
34:07 6
Sorting Algorithms
24:22 6
Data Structures
1:22:51 13
Memory Management
15:28 4
Common C Headers
24:14 5
Using your own External Files
06:55 2
Preprocessor Directives
07:34 2
DLL Programming
1:05:29 12
24:32 3
26:14 4
26:00 4

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