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Introduction to Computer Programming

  • 4:07:35

  • 391,961

This is our fundamentals course! Software development is not all glamorous. There are many underlying concepts that lay beneath the code that are important to understand in order to reach your full potential. The WiBit.Net training method focuses on basics. Why? Well, for a simple reason. If we work from the foundation and build upwards then there is no need to reiterate information with each new lesson. When we start talking about decision statements and loop structures in actual programming languages you are already aware of what they are and how they operate! As time progresses the learning speed increases and you will walk out with a strong understanding of what is going on!

All this learning begins here with Introduction to Computer Programming. We will begin this course with a casual conversation of what Kevin and Bryan have gained through their over a decade as developers. As the lessons progress, you will be exposed to other exciting topics such as common languages, core concepts, flow charts, pseudo code, variables, data types, formulas, basic binary, APIs, IPCs and bitwise operations (not necessarily in that order).

Am I a Software Developer?
31:37 5
Introduction to Languages
12:33 2
Common Modern Languages
35:14 5
Programming Core Concepts
36:50 6
Flow Charts
25:00 3
Pseudo Code
21:15 5
08:46 1
Variables, Datatypes, Formulas
31:41 9
Binary Code
14:28 3
Introduction to ASCII
07:30 1
Application Programing Interface
08:20 1
Inter-Process Communication
08:46 1
Bitwise Operations
05:30 1

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