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Programming in C#


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2001 was quite an amazing year! Besides the release of the first Shrek movie, and the one year anniversary of Y2K (and all its failed doomsayer wannabe prophets), the only other cool thing that happened was the official release of the Microsoft created C# programming language! 6 years before, in the superlative year of 1995, Sun Microsystems stunned the development world with the release of their revolutionary Java language. When Microsoft first took a look at this language, they only had one thing to say: "Ohhhh S**T!" Yes, my friends, the Cyber Giants had been surpassed by a bunch of coffee drinking nerds that were obsessed with Oak trees. Java looked 1,000 years beyond what Microsoft had in its arsenal. They were trying to hang their hat on their highly anticipated yet tragically flawed MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class, aka Microsoft Fried Chicken) framework, but it was clear... Visual Basic was dying... something had to be done (while trying to make it look like VB is still relevant). Microsoft enlisted the help of Anders Hejlsberg to create a new way of developing software! He is known well for his Earth shattering contributions to the world of Bits and Bytes! Yah, he was the guy to shake things up! After thinking about it over, and over again, the final decision was made. Since Microsoft was always known for having the greatest minds in the business, it was inevitable that the decision made by this man and those in his inner circle would be an astounding one... The final decision was. "Ummmm, yah Let's just rip off Java. We'll do the exact same thing, pretend like we aren't, and call it something different. Wouldn't that be COOL." And this is exactly what they did! That day, C# was born!

Ahh, history is fun, isnt it?

Welcome to Programming in C# from WiBit.Net! You will, once again, be taken under the wing of experienced software developers Kevin and Bryan and given an amazing ride through the ins-and-outs of this glorious language!

What exactly is C#? What does it have to do with this .Net Framework we hear so much about? These questions and so many more will be answered in this amazing course! C# is quite an interesting language because it created clear divisions between programmers in the early 2000's. There was a huge rift between Java and C# back in the day and the aftershocks of these battles are still noticeable today. This has to do with the outright "copying" of Java by Microsoft. Sure, one could make a case that the two languages were very different, and this is true. But, for those of us that remember 2001 clearly, the first time we saw C# we thought, "Hey, wait a minute here! I already know this language." This closeness (or cloneness) to Java made C# intuitive to learn for many programmers. Programmers that have used C++ and Java were suddenly caught up in a utopian mixture of the two languages and got lost in its spoils. Some programmers got so wrapped up in C# that they refused to use anything else for many many years (until Steve Ballmer firmly took over Microsoft, and we all know whats happened since).

This course is a continuation of our C-Lineage curriculum that takes you from the C to Object Oriented concepts, from OOP concepts to C++, from C++ to Objective-C, from Objective-C to Java, and finally from Java to C#. This gradual step latter of courses are intended to build you into a well-rounded and proficient developer. At the conclusion of this course you will probably know over 80% of what is out there in the job market!

Getting Started
1:05:29 16
Introduction to the .Net Framework
15:41 4
28:48 7
Console I/O
31:03 9
1:01:11 18
File I/O and Stuff
1:29:30 23
Exception Handling
10:28 3
Composite Datatypes
24:37 6
25:51 6
Variable References, Out, and Pointers
16:47 4
Classes and Interfaces
23:22 6
MP3 ID3v1 Tag Reader Lab
25:40 6
12:07 3
Base Class Library
53:45 11
Solutions, Projects and References
20:59 6
Properties and Indexers
10:22 2
09:33 3
13:03 4
Reflection Lab
22:17 6
13:52 5
Delegates and Events
31:17 8
Dynamic Link Libraries
41:14 11
TCP Sockets
37:47 10
1:08:37 17
HTTP Server Lab
1:07:26 16
Serialize Lab
37:00 9
21:37 6
Web Service Client Lab
27:33 8
20:14 5
WiBit.Net Presents :: TicTacToe (WinForms)
57:39 16
Console MP3 Player
1:43:20 25
WinForms MP3 Player
1:04:57 18

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