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Programming in Python


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The stage has been set! Your destiny is at hand! Life as you know it... will never be the same again. Starting TODAY you will launch yourself into the next stage in your growth as the greatest programming that ever lived. Today, my friend, you will begin your journey through the mystical land of Python.

Yes, Python is a bit unique. A lot of what you have learned so far will translate, but others won't! What?? NO CURLEY BRACES?? WHAT IS THE DEAL!???

Welcome to Programming in Python from WiBit.Net! In this course you will learn the basics of the Python Language and continue your adventure through the WiBit.Net course plan. Python is a very important scripting language. The syntax may be a little bit weird for newbies, but a lot of traditionally verbose processes are simplified into small bits of code.

The only thing left for you to do is learn with us! Enjoy!!!!!

29:42 10
11:41 3
Console I/O
16:56 5
Basic Syntax
12:09 4
Working with Strings
47:05 12
Basic Math & Operators
11:48 3
Control Structures
17:51 5
File I/O
12:43 3
24:44 6
09:03 3
Exception Handling
09:03 3
14:41 4
05:48 3
Modules & Packages
04:40 1
02:15 1
Advanced Math Functions
05:02 2
HTTP REST Client Lab
24:22 9
Large Log Parse Lab
17:41 6
Unit Calculator Lab
24:40 8

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