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Programming in Tcl


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It was a dark and stormy night. A child falls asleep in her bed. As she closes her eyes and begins to fall into REM sleep, she wonders off into an unknown world. As she walks through the darkness she hears a noise. It starts quietly at first, but it gets louder and louder: "Tickle, Tickle Tickle". The horror! THE HORROR! This poor child is being haunted by the one and only: Tcl (Tickle) Monster!


Now, her father needs to fight off the Tcl Monster by going into the underworld dwelling of the beast and beating him at his own game. Basically, if this were a movie, it would be a complete rip off of "Insidious", except the evil creature is a demented Tickle Me Elmo called "The Tcl Monster". There you go Hollywood (or Bollywood). We can make fun of those "cool cats" that like to pronounce this language "Tickle" and make millions at the same time!

Welcome to WiBit.Net's course on the Tcl (don't call me tickle) programming language! We love this language. It is super useful, and it is fairly wide spread, especially in certain industries.

Tcl exposes programmers to a different style of development. We know that Python was quite different for most classical trained OOP developers, but Tcl is something else! It sort of fits the syntax of the C Lineage languages, but there is something very unique about it.

Everything in Tcl is a command! That's what the language is: Tool Command Language. This takes some getting used to! When running code you always need to keep in mind that you are writing in commands, sort of like BAT or SH, but much more powerful.

In this course we will take you from the ground up with Tcl leave you with the skills you need to write useful programs in this language.

24:27 8
Variable Basics
25:37 9
Basic Syntax
11:11 4
Input & Output
15:33 4
Working With Numbers
10:16 3
16:03 6
Control Structures
16:32 5
21:33 6
10:58 4
Keyed Lists
06:00 2
HL7 Lab
17:38 6
Regular Expressions
28:57 10
Working With Time
08:54 3
Working With Files
08:39 3
25:12 8
09:07 3
Students Lab
1:19:21 21
09:01 3
05:46 2
13:52 4
REST Web Service Lab (
13:22 5
WiBit.Net SOAP Lab
23:37 7
05:47 2
04:11 1
04:50 1
Jacl Lab
10:15 4
04:20 1
Diffie-Hellman Lab
35:52 10
HL7 Lab With SQLite
38:15 12

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